Experiment Update: Day … I Forget

By popular demand ;-) here is an update to my dressing-up experiment. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of my outfits every day, mostly because they haven’t been very fancy, although I have been deploying makeup and contacts each day. Also, it’s been an unexpectedly busy week: day-job telecommuting, house/cat-sitting, visiting family and friends, working on my manuscript, working out, and taking myself to the theeeee-uuhh-taaah (in heels, might I add).

But today is the day that my aunt’s cleaning lady came, so I decided to get out of her way by going to get McDonald’s breakfast and free wifi. Yes, I still dressed “up,” as you can see by my blazer and jewelry, though I toned down the makeup today and wore my glasses because I haven’t been sleeping well here and I am SO TIRED.

Keepin' it classy at McDonald's

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