Breaking Up With Pinterest

The bubble has burst.

The honeymoon is over.

The thrill is gone.

I have decided to break up with Pinterest.

After a few months, the novelty has worn off.

I don’t like weddings or the fancy crap that goes with it, especially when the fancy crap is pinned by people who aren’t even in a relationship. I don’t care about fashion or what other people would wear if they could afford it. I’m ignorant of interior design and not interested in the mythical interiors of fictional houses of people I don’t even know in real life. I’m not into crafts, gardening, or children, so instructions for weaving a toddler’s shirt out of home-grown flax are wasted on me.

To be fair, I’ve found some very interesting recipes, makeup ideas, and funny/inspirational quotes via Pinterest. But it’s like panning for gold — there’s a lot more uninteresting dirt than there is gold dust, and it gets annoying after a while.

Somewhere on Pinterest, someone would put this under "Inspirational Fashion"

Pinterest is just another place for other people to post things that I don’t care about. And unlike Facebook, I can’t hide specific pins. So, as I said, I am breaking up with Pinterest. No hard feelings. We’ll still be in touch, since it’s good for stashing online pictures and ideas that I may use later. But if other people don’t like them or don’t want to repin them, I am physically and mentally incapable of caring any less than I do at this moment.

Are you on Pinterest? What’s your take?

7 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Pinterest

  1. Re: flax: I hear it’s actually quite smelly because the grass has to rot before you can get out the fibers within. So I wouldn’t be interested either, even if I WERE into gardening/crafting shirts for children I don’t have.

    Re: inspirational fashion: yeah, that Alexander Zelmanski Danner and Fioritto hoodie, man, it’s the choice for Companions everywhen.

  2. I pretty much gave up on Pinterest like five minutes* after joining because I was so completely overwhelmed at all the visuals. It’s wayyy too much for me. Tumblr is much better to fulfill my “ooh, shiny!” needs.

    *slight exaggeration

  3. I also am kind of tired of it, but for wedding planning/other things that involve sharing ideas, it is pretty useful. But like you said, more for a personal inspiration board or bookmarking site than for seeing what other people would like to wear if they could. It would be nice to be able to hide individual things/make one’s own things more private. I do like having visual bookmarks, though.

    • Yeah, aside from the personal bookmarking thing, I can see its usefulness as a way to plan for events (like a reunion, or a wedding involving TWO PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY EXIST), especially if the planner wants outside feedback.

      But I really don’t care what people keep or don’t keep in their closet (uh, in more ways than one), and I REALLY don’t care how they decorate their imaginary houses or dress their imaginary children!

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