Coming Soon: A Road-Trip Saga

Starting Friday, I will be going on a road trip that will take me from Columbus to DC to Providence, RI, with a one-day hop up to Boston, and a possible stop in Wethersfield, CT.

I’ve done road trips before, but I’ve never done one this extensive on my own. The longest drive I’ve done by myself was from DC to Columbus. I’ve been thinking that I should blog about this one, or at least take pictures to post later. Then I figured that I probably wouldn’t get around to it unless I made myself accountable to my four, maybe even five readers. Yeah, I kind of failed to properly document my week of dressing up back in March, but trust me that I did do it. I’ll try to be better this time around.

As with that experiment, I am counting on you guys to hold me accountable.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A Road-Trip Saga

    • You can rest assured that, rather than having just enough religion and a half a tank of gas, I will leave with Jesus as my co-pilot and a full tank.

      (I hope He doesn’t mind listening to Bon Jovi.)

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