Road Trip, Day 3: Northern Virginia

After such a big day yesterday, today was pretty chill. I didn’t even take pictures. This was unfortunate, as I was planning to take at least one picture of my two DC Jessicas when we met up before evening church. But it happened, despite a lack of proof. Also, Marianne and I watched some YouTube videos, and just kind of sat around. I’m really only posting this just to avoid having a gap in my blog posts.

I have to say, I am very, very glad that I don’t live in the DC area anymore, even though it’s been a good visit. But I did get a bit nostalgic/sentimental after going to my old church.

A little while ago Marianne and I watched “The Supersizers Go…” on the Cooking Channel. We caught the episode about the French Revolution, and it was fascinating, hilarious, and kind of disgusting.

Seeing a grown man gorge on food the way Louis XVI did was … depressing. But I learned some new things about the way the citoyens ate after the Revolution that I wish I’d known when I was writing Radicals & Royalists! Mayhaps I’ll get to incorporate it into the sequel, but from what I’ve already outlined for that plot, it will be less focused on the French Revolution and more on … well, I won’t give anything away just yet.