The Nerdiest Thing I Think I Have Ever Said

I saw Doctor Who doing karaoke.

I don’t know why I never blogged about this before, since it’s kind of a big deal, but I’m silly like that.

A few months ago, I went with a couple guys to my first and possibly last experience with karaoke. No, I did not sing. Also, I had a stomachache that day and so I drank only Sprite. Let me tell you, karaoke is no fun when you are stone-cold sober. And it is embarrassing to watch, no matter how not-awful the singer is.

Anyway, there was a guy there who I kept calling Doctor Who (not to his face—our paths never crossed that closely). The guys were giving me a hard time because I called him Doctor Who pretty much only because he was wearing a scarf and acted kind of drunk.

One of the guys I went with was complaining that he only had one turn at singing, but Doctor Who got to go twice already. And this was when I said quite possibly the nerdiest thing I have ever said:

“That’s because he’s a TIME LORD. What we are actually watching right now is his firstturn at karaoke. But after he sings, he’s going go get into his Tardis and go back in time, and then have what will be his second turn, but to us it will look like his first turn. Because, AS I KEEP TELLING YOU, he is Doctor Who! And the Doctor cheats at karaoke.”

And this is what you get when you google “Doctor Who Karaoke”
Well done, whoever you are.

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