Too Good Not to Share

When I first typed the title of this blog, I made the typo, “Too God Not to Share.” And honestly, that title would have fit too.

Hmm, it’s been a while since I posted something, mostly because 1.) there hasn’t been a lot exciting happening since I got back from my road trip, and 2.) I haven’t been sleeping well, which makes mild inconveniences feel like Godzilla-sized disasters, as I have previously mentioned.

BUT I got a good night’s sleep last night, and I feel much better today—though still sleepy, because I have some catching-up to do. I went to two grocery stores, the laundromat*, the gas station, and the post office today, and finished work around noon, so I feel quite accomplished. I also read Act II of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part Two. So far I don’t like it as much as Part One, but I still want to finish it.

Oh, right … that’s the other thing that happened recently: I got really into Shakespeare. I’ve never been a fan before. I read Romeo and Juliet in high school, and I despise that play because the main characters are idiots, and I read Othello in college and liked it, but not enough to be into Shakespeare. In the last week or so, I wanted to read something by ol’ Will Shakey, and picked King Lear for a few different reasons. I liked it. Then I read Henry IV, Part One, because it came highly recommended and also because I’m planning to read Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V in preparation for the new BBC Two adaptations of those four plays under the title “The Hollow Crown.” I already can’t wait. Really, really, really can’t wait …

. . .

. . .

It’s been a wonderful experience. All my life I’ve had this weird mental block about Shakespeare, and now it’s been broken, and I feel like Helen Keller learning to sign the alphabet. I feel like going around singing “A Whole New World.” Plus, there’s always the chance that it will make me into a better writer!

*Speaking of writing, as I said, I’ve been to the laundromat today. The last time I was there, I gave the owner a copy of my book, because I spent some time there working on the manuscript, and I know he likes to read, and he’s a nice fellow who runs a good business. He was so sweet and excited about it, and today I went there wondering what he was going to say he thought of it. Well, he told me that his mom stole it from him and read it before he had the chance—and he said she is loving it. Yay! I told him there’s a sequel in the works, and it’s going to be even better (and longer).

Wow, that’s a lot to say before getting to what I actually meant to write in here.

So, last week, I wasn’t doing a good job being content with my singleness. I already knew in my heart of hearts that God doesn’t want me doing online dating—and the few times I did try it, outside of his will, did not have fabulous results. So, feeling restless with being single and wanting results, and also being a stubborn, pigheaded, crazy woman, I did the obvious.

I signed up for eHarmony and took their massive personality assessment.

I’ve done it before, but it’s been years. This time, I gave better, more honest answers than I ever have before.

And they had no matches for me.


I am literally unmatched.

When I first saw that announcement on my computer screen, it was a little disheartening. But now I find it hilarious. How can I not? I am too weird for eHarmony and their millions of users.

And then today, when I was done with my errands and decided I needed some outdoors time, I decided to walk to the cemetery to read Shakespeare.

Which made me pause and say, “Gee. Why can’t eHarmony match me with anyone?”

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