The Joys of a Midwestern Summer

Things have been a little crazy around here, weather-wise, as you might have noticed (“here” meaning “half the United States”).

Here in Columbus, specifically, we’ve had some crazy storms. The one on Friday was pretty much terrifying, leaving me huddled in my room as the rain and wind beat against my apartment building, praying that a stray tree limb wouldn’t come crashing into the window. The awning was almost ripped from my dining-room window, but nothing else went wrong. I didn’t even lose power except for a few seconds of flickering.

The whole thing was repeated with another storm on Sunday, though a little less mighty. For a while I was sitting on my couch with a glass of water on my coffee table, and as the storm moved on, the increasingly distant thunder was still shaking the building, and making rings in my water glass that reminded me of Jurassic Park. So apparently there was a T-Rex running loose around Columbus at some point. I hope he didn’t eat anyone I know.

The electricity thing made me a lot more fortunate than other people. As of right now, several traffic lights are still out, and it looks like the gas station across the street is still without power. While most of the loosest debris has been cleared away, trees are still down–some snapped in half–and there were reports of deaths. I hear that my friends in the DC area had a time of it as well with their recent weather. I’m hardly working today–yesterday one of my editors said the backup generator at the office building there was about to go, so she cut my assignments short. Today, half the office can’t get into the different programs and databases, and one of the deadlines I usually have to meet has already passed and I haven’t gotten the assignments yet.

Yesterday I went for a run before the heat advisory kicked in at noon, and I passed through the one cemetery near my apartment that I always like to go to. (Either for exercise or for quiet contemplation or sitting and reading—yes, in the cemetery. It’s creepy and beautiful, one of my favorite combination of qualities.)

There was a lot of damage there, as well. Today I went back, this time camera in hand, and got to get shots of the most eerie parts. See slideshow below (hover over the images to pause/skip):

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Since a thunderstorm was involved, at first I thought that Thor had gotten mad about something and took it out on Midgard. But this is clearly the work of the Hulk.

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