A Life: Who Needs It?

Kara:  I need a life
Me: You’re talking to the girl who writes Avengers fanfic and is having a conversation about cake and clavicals
Kara: What does it mean to “have a life” anyways?
Me:  I always thought it meant that rock climbing was involved.
And dance clubs.
Kara:  I’m not interested in either of those
Me:  Me either.
I guess we’ll never have lives.

2 thoughts on “A Life: Who Needs It?

  1. “Having a life” probably does have some relation to the proper ratio of outdoor apparel, business wear, sparkly tops, and boat shoes. You know, and using them. :D

    • Well, there you go. I don’t have any boat shoes, and I have purchased neither sparkly tops nor business wear in at least four years.

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