The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

I know that my updates to this blog have been few and far between over the summer, but I have some ideas for a few posts that are coming eventually. Today’s post is just a bit of overflowing excitement that I can’t hold in much longer.

First, the Bad: I have a cold. Yesterday started out marvelously–I got to work from my bed, with coffee and jazz music. (Alas, work was not nearly as sexy as that combination sounds.) But then I got a sore throat around noon and my energy drained quickly. Today I woke up sniffling, but not too bad. I think if I lay low today, I will be better tomorrow.

The Good: The release of Mumford & Son’s new album Babel, and the Avengers DVD!!!


The song “Hopeless Wanderer” is now my new life anthem / theme song.


. . .

I am actually waiting longer for the Avengers DVD for the sake of free shipping. Yes, I actually have some self-control left.

The Beautiful: I bought a plane ticket.

For May 2013.

To London.

It will have taken almost four years, but I’m finally going back.

(*uncontrollable weeping*)

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