Your Most Well-Rounded News Source

Me:  I’m trying to get back into politics and current events, which has made me strangely happy.
At least twitter.

Bethany:  That’s great!
I am glad for that.

Me:  Thanks
Apparently Switzerland’s military is starting to prepare for a wave of refugees from elsewhere in Europe because of the economic conditions.

Bethany:  Interesting.

Me:  Also, I think Thor 2 started filming.

Bethany:  Ha!
I love you.

Me:  Because Tom Hiddleston and Zachary Levi, who are both in it, are both tweeting from Iceland.
Just saying.
Sherlockian deductions and all.

Bethany:  You are truly an excellent detective and well-rounded news source

Me:  I like to think so.

(I’m not actually keeping track, so … I don’t know for sure. Just don’t quote me or anything, crazy fans.)