Random Sherlockian Chats

Me:  Hmm, feeling much better after having some tea.
Wondering if I do have a caffeine dependency now, or if I’m just John Watson today.

Joy:  hahaha
are you wearing a jumper?

Me:  I’m wearing a hoodie.

Joy:  hmmm.  we’ll call it close enough.
you don’t have the mad flatmate, though

Me:  No, thank goodness

Joy:  psychosomatic limp?

Me:  Wellll, I have a temperamental knee
Also I have PTSD from being attacked by a dog
And I own a handgun
And I blog.

Joy: i like how you’re relieved about the lack of mad flatmate, though
while the other john watson is like “oh god yes let something happen to me”

Me:  I’m more relieved by the lack of ANY flatmate.
Well, I’d rather like having something happen to me. Just not something that involves a flatmate.

Joy:  ohhhh man I’m imagining you sassing Mycroft

Me: ooooohhhhhh sassing an important government official.