Delayed Nostalgia

I moved from DC back to Ohio over a year and a half ago, and have pretty much not looked back since then.

Except lately, for whatever reason, I have been very much missing a lot of things in DC.

It’s not the election; I’ve already written about my feelings on that before.

Cherry-Blossom Season

Now, I’ve always missed my friends who are still there. That wasn’t in question. As well as my old church—or at least as it existed when I lived there, and things have changed a bit there so when I miss my church as it was when I attended it, I miss something that doesn’t actually exist anymore.

No, it’s just a bunch of random stuff.

I’ve been craving falafel and fries from Amsterdam Falafelshop.

I was bored over the weekend and really wished I could hop on the Metro to tool around downtown and go to the Portrait Gallery or the National Gallery. (Those were always my “I don’t know what else to do” standbys.)

Capitol at night…somehow even more sinister

I miss having a Trader Joe’s closer than a 20-minute drive away. Sometimes I kind of miss working in the office and going to the mall or the closest wildlife park (both less than five minutes away) during my lunch break.

I miss going to movies at the Ballston Mall with Tessa, mocking it the whole time. I miss going to the zoo (and every other free exhibit). Sometimes I even miss shopping in Georgetown or Tysons Corner.

I miss walking along the Mall—my favorite memorial is the one to the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Now, none of this means that I will be moving back anytime soon (I have … other aspirations right now), but I did leave behind some cool stuff after all.