Thanksgiving in Seattle

This year I flew out to Seattle (I’m still there, actually) to visit my friend Kara for Thanksgiving. This has definitely been one of the best T-Days I’ve ever had.

We started out the day with hiking. Kara would probably contend that it wasn’t true hiking and was really just a 3+ -mile trek around a local park, but I wore my combat boots and took pictures of trees, so I’m calling it hiking.

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Since there were only two of us for Thanksgiving, I suggested we do a small chicken instead of a huge turkey, an idea I got from spending two Thanksgivings with Katie’s family. Kara bought the chicken, and I found a recipe on Epicurious. This was my first time handling a whole chicken carcass, including the cavity (*shudder*). I have to say, I’ve come a long way from the days when I couldn’t handle raw meat without gloves. (There’s a dirty joke in there that I’m sure Joy is about to make.)

The chicken was christened Alfred, per Kara’s insistence (christened with basting juices)

. . .

Ready to eat!

I did the chicken and potatoes and gravy, Kara did the stuffing, the beans, and the cranberry sauce, all while half-watching the Masterpiece Theatre Northanger Abbey. When that movie was over, we watched an episode of Horatio Hornblower, and then Thor (we’d watched Avengers Wed. night) and it ended up being pretty much everything a Thanksgiving dinner should be.

Removing Alfred’s stuffing

My plate

. . .

The whole trip has been marvelous so far, actually. The only persistent problem has been jet-lag and lack of sleep (going from east to west is always worse for me than vice-versa). But my flights on Tuesday were fine and on time. I didn’t have to get either a pat-down or a full-body scan at security (meaning I didn’t have to get molested or irradiated!). On the second flight, from Denver to Seattle, I sat next to a couple who were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They asked me what I do, and I told them about writing, and my book, and I had a couple copies with me, and they bought one (I was going to give it to them for free, but they insisted on supporting a young entrepreneur). They read my Acknowledgements and found out that I’m a Christian, like them, so we bonded over that. And they asked me for contact information, so I gave them my card, and she started reading my book immediately. It was one of the best flights/travel experiences of my life, praise God.

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  1. Thank you for not complaining about the rain! It is always best to be thankful on Thanksgiving and I am so glad you had a good day, including fun with food. For Christmas, how about Cornish game hens? They are small and cook easily. I stuff them with whatever is at hand, usually raisins or other dried fruit, croutons or bread, some soup mix for sauce.

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