Washington State Hiking Photos

Apologies for what might be the most generic title I’ve ever written for a blog post.

I got home from Seattle on Tuesday, utterly exhausted after a 6am flight and a week of insufficient sleep (all worth it), and slept for 10 hours that night, something I don’t think I’ve done for years. I hardly had a chance to breathe since then: I went back to work the very next day, and Thursday & Friday included extra work to cover for one of the office editors while she took a vacation of her own; I had kickboxing that night as well; small group on Thursday; slow unpacking; and Zumba on Friday. Not only that, but I was overcome with post-vacation melancholy on Tuesday and Wednesday, and after Tuesday night I did not get a good night’s sleep again. Today has been my first chance to really breathe and think. Last night I stayed up way too late on Tumblr, but I had pleasant dreams and slept in until about 10.

Today I took a walk, finished 5 work assignments due Monday, cleaned up from cookie-baking last night, engaged in amusing discussions over Facebook, cleaned my living room, filed/shredded/discarded a large number of papers, took out the trash, and generally made a significant effort to de-clutter things around here. I’ll probably do another round tomorrow.

My goodness, that was all fairly dull, wasn’t it? Well here, have some photos I took when Kara and I went hiking at Wallace Falls State Park on Monday, my last day in Washington!

To start off, here is the one I’m most proud of:


View of the Olympic Mountains from the Cascades

The river we followed was gorgeous; running water is probably one of my favorite sounds/sights in the world, and I loved this river. There were patches where the water was a fabulous shimmery green like old glass. I don’t think any of the 100 or so pictures I took really convey it well enough, but here was one of my attempts:


Of course it wouldn’t have been called “Wallace Falls” if there weren’t any falls. (Maybe it would, I don’t know. Work with me, people.)


Sometimes I stopped to look up:


But I couldn’t look up for too long, because I had to keep my eyes on the trail.


And another mountain view:


This wasn’t part of the hike, but I forgot to mention it in an earlier post. We also went to the Mischief distillery and got to taste some really good whiskey. (I thought the gin, sadly, was terrible.) I don’t know if I have the heart to open this little guy. Plus, it says “Mischief” on it. I don’t know if I’ll unleash Loki or the contents of Pandora’s box.


Mischief managed INDEED.

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