Sleep/Health Update

Some weeks ago, I posted about my plans to experiment with my sleep habits and try to improve my nightly rest. I said I would provide updates, but so far, I hadn’t.

Here’s the thing: They haven’t really worked.

It came to my attention that this (and a few other symptoms I’d been having) might have an underlying cause, such as my thyroid. As I have a friend who underwent surgery last year for thyroid cancer, this was slightly terrifying, but I could no longer ignore the possibility. So I went through the agonizing process of finding a doctor within my health plan, finding one with decent online reviews, and finding one who was accepting new patients sooner than April.

Then there was the process of waiting for the appointment, which was last Tuesday. In the meantime, my sleep was improving, but still wasn’t great. At the appointment, they drew blood, and then I went through another period of waiting before I heard the results.

Turns out, my bloodwork was normal. Thyroid, sugar, cholesterol, everything—except for a significant vitamin D deficiency, for which she prescribed me once-weekly-for-12-weeks supplements. (I know, right! Living in Ohio in February, how could I possibly have a vitamin D deficiency?) I don’t know if that’s going to help everything I’ve been going through, but vitamin D is wonderful stuff, so it won’t hurt, at least. We’ll see, I guess.

Then I felt like a jerk, because I’d been worrying and praying and totally stressed and absolutely falling to pieces during this whole process, convinced that I was going to die, or have a stroke from the stress, or require some drastic treatment like a hysterectomy at the age of 27. And when it turns out I’m actually quite healthy, my first reaction is not to praise God for his goodness and provision, but to go, “What the hell, man?”

But I’ve reconciled to that now (and repented of my ingratitude) and I’m just trying to figure out the next steps. I’ll have a follow-up after I finish the supplements. And my sleep has been getting better the last fortnight or so—I still struggle to get to sleep, but at least I’ve been staying asleep when I get there (except last week, when I was anxious about the test results). The most funny/annoying thing is that, despite efforts, I haven’t lost a bit of weight in the past couple of years. It hasn’t gone up, but it hasn’t gone down, despite the exercise & diet changes I started implementing in the summer. This is one of the reasons I thought there might be something wrong with my thyroid. But when the medical assistant took my heart rate in the office, it was 65—lower than I expected, because I’ve always had a higher pulse. My blood pressure was also normal, as was my blood sugar and cholesterol. So, metabolically, I’m doing awesome. Just keep up the regular exercise, try to rest better, and continue to eat more vegetables, I guess.

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