Deep Breaths and Pleasant Thoughts

I almost feel guilty writing this post, because it’s full of delight when I should, perhaps, be writing about the horrors that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday, and speculating about causes and motives and mulling over thoughts of good vs. evil. In truth, I’m thinking about writing a post later that addresses some of those things, but it’s not thought out yet, and I have a few in-person discussions left to accomplish before I can post anything.

I will say that I cannot help but be grateful. A friend of mine was running in the marathon yesterday, and we received a text from her husband saying that they were safe. Thank God. Another friend of mine, who lives outside of Boston, was planning to go with her family to watch the marathon, but they decided against it. As I said, I am incredibly grateful, and definitely shed tears of relief. I feel physically ill when I think of the many people yesterday and today who are receiving far less comforting news.

Aside from that, there are a couple of big things going on in my life.

1. I’ve been editing the manuscript for Radicals & Royalists, because it’s been almost a year since I published it, and I spent that year angsting mightily over the typos I left and whether or not something might have been said better. But I couldn’t allow myself even to look at the thing again. A few weeks ago, I finally swallowed my pride (and a couple glasses of wine) and set forth on yet another proofreading journey. I am currently on the final chapter, and if I can actually stick to it, by the weekend I will have the new “edition” available for purchase—but only in paperback. Next week I have to start all over again with the Kindle edition, as the paperback and Kindle manuscripts are two different documents. Announcements will be posted when first one and then the other are again available for purchase.

DSC031662. Exactly four weeks from today, I will be leaving for England! My last (first) trip to London was part of a mission trip/church conference in 2009, and involved six months of planning with people I didn’t even know at the time. This trip is the result of … 6 now? … years of planning with my friend Kara, which involved a lot of false starts and stops and is finally happening one month from today. I bought the ticket in … September, I believe? I knew even then that the time would go quickly, but I’m still not prepared for the fact that I will be leaving in 28 days, and I will be there in 29 days.

3. I’ve been sleeping better. Well, I slept crappily over the weekend, but that was my own fault for staying up too late when my body is not used to sleeping in and still thinks I need to get up for work, so I stay up until 3 and end up waking at 8. But last night and the night before, I got a sufficient amount of sleep in the night, and I am delighted. I’m hesitant to think this is a long-term thing, but it’s really nice for now. And it’s especially awesome when you remember what I wrote about in my previous post. (Thanks to everyone who gave me such positive feedback on it. I’m glad it struck a chord with people.)