Below the Line: The Grocery List

Behold, my entire supply of groceries for “Live Below the Line” week.

It’s going to be a long week. Oh, and I just realized I forgot to include margarine in the photo. Oh, well, I bought margarine for the week too. Buying margarine, onion, salt, and garlic may have been a mistake because that money could have been spent on more vegetables or something, but I figure if I’m going to eat so little, I’m at least going to try to make it as tasty as I can manage.

Since it’s only just after 9 a.m. on the first day, there’s not much to say. I haven’t even eaten anything yet (although I’m already unhappy with the idea of not having coffee or tea…)

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We’ve reached $160 of my $200 goal. If you’d like to support me in what I’m sure will be an adventurous week, you can go to my personal page on the Live Below the Line website. Donations can be public or anonymous, via Paypal or a major credit card.

One thought on “Below the Line: The Grocery List

  1. So much good luck to you. I don’t know what you do with black beans but I hope it is tasty. Would a tube of garlic not have been cheaper/more advised (too late now) but for next year?

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