Below The Line Challege, Day 3


This picture alone is making me all icky-feeling again…

This one has been rough. Yesterday I had a late lunch of leftover potato soup around … 2-3pm, maybe. I don’t know what happened to it overnight, but it sparked about 20 hours of digestive agony. After that, I could only manage to eat half a banana the rest of the day. This morning, both hungry and incredibly queasy, I tried to experiment with making an omelet with onions and black beans, but I could only manage a few bites of it before I felt like I would be sick.

Soooooo, I tried to get my work done and go about my business otherwise, with only about 600 calories in my system for the past 24 hours. Nothing that I was allowed to eat sounded good. I mainly wanted sweet and carby or fruity things, which is usually what I crave when my stomach goes haywire. Alas, such things were forbidden me. Tom Hiddleston’s face is literally the only thing standing between me and an orange right now.


Fiber and lycopene … aww yeah, baby…

Finally I decided to try the beans-in-tomato-sauce recipe that was suggested in the Live Below the Line cookbook and which I modified (black beans instead of chickpeas). That seemed to do the trick, probably by virtue of being something different (that is, not involving potatoes or eggs). Tomatoes have never tasted so good to me before. I can only manage a little bit, but it’s helping me get my appetite back. I’m also really looking forward to having my last banana before I go to kickboxing tonight.

In other-but-related news, so far people have donated a total of $245, when my goal was to raise $200 for Opportunity International! Thanks so much to everyone who donated, and if you haven’t yet, and you think you’d like to, you can go here. Donations are being accepted until May 31, and I might add, I could use the encouragement on what has been a hard day.

And because, as you can probably tell by now, I like to leave things on a somewhat positive note, here’s a pretty and unrelated picture I took when I was out on a walk yesterday. (OK, yes, I took the picture in a cemetery, but it’s still pretty!)