A More Personal Update

Heeeeyyyyy all!

I’m so sorry that I completely dropped the ball in July when it came to my Weird History posts. I’d like to make it up with two history posts in August, but I’m not sure that’s a promise I can keep, with the month 1/3 gone already.


The days have been going quickly for me because I have been very busy. It’s a long story, but I got a job as the secretary at my church. Not my dream job, nor something I want to do for years and years to come, but it (mostly) pays the bills and may have provided enough stories already for my future book, Confessions of a Church Secretary. It’s a Lutheran church, because after 30 years of attending mostly mainstream, non-denominational, and/or mega churches, I became a confirmed Lutheran. (Therein lies another long story.) There’s a lot to learn and adjust to, like adding “narthex” and “pericope” to my vocabulary. Why we can’t just say “lobby” and “excerpts,” I still don’t understand.

More recently, I spent my 31st birthday in Seattle. Before you ask, the weather was gorgeous. While I learned that I still don’t like camping, the clear night sky–complete with 2 shooting stars–with good company, the view of Mt. Rainier, and roasting marshmallows and brats over a campfire all made the night in semi-wilderness worthwhile. The all-too-brief visit also included lots of gluten-free food and a trip to the MOHAI, where they had a special exhibit on toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It’s on Lake Union, where they had some historical boats you could board and poke around.

Perhaps some photos will make up for the lack of posts?

Bridge over troubled waters
Mt. Rainier, an active volcano that could go off at any moment…but gosh is it pretty…
The art deco in this photo makes me drool

Photos from MOHAI (“Mohai, Mark . . .”)

The first Starbucks sign (I hate Starbucks, but I love history so much I still took this photo)
These Barbies have seen things … terrible things …

And if you wanted an update on my bearded dragon Aravis, whom I’ve had for a whole year already . . . here she is a year ago:

. . . and here she is a couple months ago (on the very same rock):

*sniff* My baby’s so grown up!

So yeah, I have drafts/ideas for upcoming posts, and I hope they’ll be up kinda soon, but who the heck knows lately.

2 thoughts on “A More Personal Update

  1. Welcome back. The scenic pics are especially incredible! :) Any more historical fiction books on the horizon soon?

    1. Not soon, sadly. I have an idea I’m kind of working on, but between it and “real” work and this blog and numerous other concerns that keep cropping up, it definitely isn’t a “soon” project. :-/
      Thank you for reading/commenting, though!

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