Don’t Drink and Shakespeare (On Second Thought, DO)

In honor of St. Crispin’s Day today, I’m bringing this back. Consider playing Shakespeare Mad Libs in celebration! (Unless you’re French…)

Emily Jacobs

Every day in Seattle has been better than before, and I’m sad that tomorrow is my last full day here.

Today after church, Kara and I and her roommate Kolleen went to the underground tour of Seattle, where I saw stone walls/floors, old photographs, and rusty machinery, and learned about the founding of the city. My favorite part, of course, was hearing about the prostitutes. And browsing the gift shop.

Sure, it’s the Union Gospel Mission NOW, but this location was once part of a brothel run by the famous Madam Lou Graham

BUT … while waiting for the tour to start, we went to what is the greatest toy store I have ever experienced. How awesome was it? So awesome that it made me want to have children so I could have an excuse to buy these toys.

Nowhere else have I found otter and hedgehog puppets


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