Upcoming Changes!

Hey, all!

This is something I’ve been pondering as I continue to tweak my freelance-writing-business website, and I’ve finally decided.

I’m going to be further separating my business website and my more personal blog.

I am officially adopting “The Badass Introvert” as the blog title, with the intention of focusing a little more on introversion/INTJ/Myers-Briggs topics. (Since no one cares about my history lessons *sadface*)

I will eventually be transferring the content over to thebadassintrovert.wordpress.com. There’s nothing much there yet, but I’ll make another post when the transition is complete. There’s still a bunch of stuff I need to figure out. Check back for updates!

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1 thought on “Upcoming Changes!

  1. This makes sense, but also include in your about page of the Introvert blog that you are a freelance writer taking submissions, if you are getting a lot of traffic from your introvert posts already make sure the url links up to the new blog as well.

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