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Whether you need an SEO-friendly blog post or an article with expert interviews, I excel in providing well-researched, long-form content, as a ghostwriter or a credited author.

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Team of Professional Medical Scientists Work in the Brain Research Laboratory. Neurologists / Neuroscientists Surrounded by Monitors Showing CT, MRI Scans Having Discussion and Working on PС
“How Can Independent Radiology Practices Stay That Way?” for Novarad
“Why You Should Transcribe Interviews For Qualitative Research,” for
health facilities article
“Hospital garden reduces burnout” for Health Facilities Management
freelance written article for Academic Pharmacy Now
“Connecting the Dots Between Statins and Tendon Injuries” for Academic Pharmacy Now
freelance healthcare labor blog post for medical supply distributor
“How Could You Be Affected by the Healthcare Labor Shortage?” for Right Way Medical
behavioral health blog post
“How To Stay Sober In College” for Carrollton Springs Behavioral Health, via Springstone Inc.
Food allergy blog post
“What You Should Know About Cross-Contact and How to Avoid It” for Texan Allergy & Sinus Center
behavioral health blog post
“How To Help And Support Someone Who Attempted Suicide” for Beckett Springs behavioral health facility
East Tennessee State University Receives USPHS IPEC Award Academic Pharmacy Now
“East Tennessee State University Receives USPHS IPEC Award,” for Academic Pharmacy Now
Cover of Fall 2018 Community Focus Magazine for Wooster Community Hospital Health System
Fall 2018 Community Focus Magazine for Wooster Community Hospital Health System; see articles “Welcome Dr. Holly Kay Wyneski” and “Mother’s Day Plans Saved by WCH TodayCare”
BestNotes EHR logo freelance writer
“The Benefits of Accreditation for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Providers” for BestNotes EHR
a woman and a man stand in front of a sign for the Penn State college of medicine. Both are wearing white lab coats and smiling
“Unconventional College of Medicine students show that work/life balance is possible,” for Penn State School of Medicine
posting calendar
“Steps to Set up a Healthy Home Workspace,” for
practice management blog post marketing
“Can Search Ads Work for Urgent Care Marketing?” for Experity (previously Practice Velocity)


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