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Emily Jacobs FAQs

If you are interested in partnering with a freelance writer to help with your content marketing, copywriting, and editing needs, I want to make sure all your questions are answered. Below you’ll find a list of my most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Don’t see your question or need clarification? Please email me directly and ask!

1. What are your rates for marketing content and copywriting?

I generally charge per project, so rates will vary by the type of product, deadline, length, amount of research, and other factors. This means better accuracy and transparency, and easier budgeting for you!

Below are my estimated rates for a few types of projects. 

Please note that these rates are negotiable. Projects will be quoted individually. Most new clients require a deposit of 50% before the start of a project.

  • Blog post: Starts at $179 per 500 words (1-2 pages), depending on topic and amount of research requested
  • Website Copy: Starts at $249 per web page, depending on word count & complexity
  • Press Release: Starts at $179 per page, additional $49 per person interviewed
  • Case Study: Starts at $399 per page, per person interviewed
  • White Paper/Special Report/eBook: Starts at $599, depending on length, complexity, interview needs, etc.
  • Consultations (via phone or videocall, for content marketing strategy advice or to discuss details of a specific project): $60-$75 per hour, after free 30-minute introductory call

For other projects and add-ons, such as newsletters or email campaigns, contact me with what you have in mind and I can provide a quote.

2. What do these rates include?

  • Background reading and research, including interviews, if applicable
  • SEO optimization for titles, subheadings, and content, if desired
  • One social-media optimized post to link to the project, if desired
  • Quality written content
  • Up to two rounds of revisions as needed
  • You keep all rights to the final product
  • All emails discussing the project
  • Working with a creative, analytical problem-solver with 10+ years of professional writing experience!

3. What is your process for accomplishing projects?

Every client, and every client’s project, is different, but here’s my general process:

  1. Discuss and finalize the details of the project (type of content, length, deadline, best sources to use, etc.)
  2. Create a project proposal and/or freelance agreement (including an NDA, if desired) with the scope of work and deadline
  3. Develop a draft outline for the project, if desired
  4. Collect any resources, interview notes, and other materials I may need for the project. This includes conducting interviews, if necessary.
  5. Write a first draft, possibly contacting you with additional questions.
  6. If you’re happy with this first draft, wonderful! If not, we’ll discuss what changes need to be made, and repeat steps 4-6.
  7. Most of my clients handle their own content posting, publishing, and sharing. If you need additional support at this stage, we can discuss that, too.

4. What information do you need from me?

You deserve to work with a copywriter who understands your needs and respects your time and budget. I want to deliver a project you love, on time, with no surprises when the invoice arrives!

To ensure a more accurate quote and estimated completion time, please provide the following information about your project:

  • Type of project and estimated length
  • Desired turnaround time and deadline
  • Whether interviews would be needed
  • What you want the content to accomplish
  • The content’s intended audience
  • Examples of similar projects you would like to emulate (or avoid!)
  • Other relevant information about your organization, specialty, or industry, including info about competitors

5. How do we get started?

Tell me about your project and get a free quote here!

Provide as many details as you can, so I can offer a more accurate quote.

Once we agree it’s a good fit, we can draft a freelance agreement, and then we’re in business!

Make your content marketing easier — Get your free quote!


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