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Emily Jacobs was a delight to work with on this project. I made introductions to the key people she needed to speak with and Emily handled it from there. While there were some obstacles in getting staff to respond, Emily overcame the obstacles to complete the job. Emily provided the promises case study and all supporting elements in the promised timeline. Emily’s professionalism and attention to detail were appreciated. Her work will be used in many projects going forward.

Nikki Morey, Communications Manager, Cherry Street Mission Ministries


“Emily has helped me write and edit professional correspondence and academic papers on numerous occasions. Her communication and editing skills are top notch!”

Susan Leguire, CNP


Emily Jacobs was one of the most valuable employees I have supervised at Information, Inc. In her time at our company, she established herself as a reliable, productive, and trustworthy member of our team. I would certainly hire her again if the opportunity arose.

Despite very little background in the subjects she covered, Emily quickly mastered the issues in her fields. The workload was intense and constantly demanding, but she was always up to the challenge. Emily was quickly assigned to edit the stories of more experienced writers. Her confident yet friendly demeanor resulted in a smooth transition with no hard feelings.

After leaving our company to spend more time on her novels, Emily became our most prolific independent contractor. She maintained the high-level of performance she exhibited during her full-time employment here. In both instances, Emily always met her deadlines and consistently produced excellent work. Emily is easy to work with, and has an innate ability to make complex ideas understandable for all audiences

I strongly recommend Emily.  Anything she puts her mind to she will accomplish.

Rod Shepard, Editorial Director, Information, Inc.


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