An Introvert’s Weekend: Part Two

I’m used to anonymity. I may not always like it, but it is a generally accepted way of life for me.

So when I found that my previous post was had been shared on a Facebook group and was my first post ever to get over a thousand views, I kind of lost my mind.

By which I mean I gushed about it to anyone who would listen and am still giggling like a preschooler at each new comment.

When I write something that feels personal, I’m afraid it’s self-indulgent and that I shouldn’t post it. Who wants to read the ramblings of a girl capable of talking only about herself? And yet those are the posts that get the most positive responses, from strangers who are glad to find a kindred spirit, or a longtime friend who is glad to have a better idea of how I think.

I’m thrilled to express something that resonates with someone other than myself, which is why I do post personal, seemingly self-centered things: because I can’t be the only one. The blog post in question, obviously, is one I wrote about being an introvert, having a free weekend, and having the love language Quality Time. Responses have taught me I am far from alone. It has definitely helped my progress in trying to better understand myself and embrace what I find there. Allow me to send out a ( {virtual hug} ) to the new friends it also brought my way!

Here’s how this introvert ended up spending her Saturday:

1. Lazed about in the morning, having breakfast and responding to some blog comments.

2. Walked to a local used bookstore, where I bought Shakespeare’s Kings, about the history behind Shakespeare’s history plays.

3. Did some chores at home, then…

I walked to a local cemetery and spent hours sitting under my favorite tree, reading CS Lewis (A Grief Observed, to be specific, and perhaps a bit too on-the-nose…) and journaling and listening to my iPod. When I first got there, I sat down on the grass (well, a towel on the grass) and the very moment I leaned back against the tree trunk, every weight seemed lifted from my shoulders. It was partly cloudy and high 70s and a little breezy, and absolutely perfect. I sat and thought and prayed and cried and watched the birds. Bliss.

4. Came home and started on this post. And now it’s raining, meaning that not only was my timing perfect, but now I get to enjoy rainy weather from the comfort of my apartment and in a refreshed, happy mood.

I really need to accept and embrace the fact that this is my idea of the perfect Saturday, instead of feeling like I “should” be more social. I haven’t been this happy since I was in London.

Side note: I do resent the idea that people think that “never going outside” is a common trait among introverts, even in jest. I love being outside. I love hiking, I love nature walks, climbing trees, watching wild animals, getting sun, playing on playgrounds, driving with the windows down and my music blasting. Yesterday, I found that I learned to identify several birdcalls simply by being outside a lot. Being inside doesn’t make someone an introvert. Being outside doesn’t make me an extrovert. What makes me an introvert, at least in part, is that I can enjoy the outdoors alone.

Otherwise you miss out on little moments like this
Otherwise you miss out on little moments like this
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3 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Weekend: Part Two

  1. Lovely. Here in Canada it’s Canada day weekend which means large events with exhausting activities. I love my extrovert husband we chose to stay home, garden and otherwise putter. Glorious.

    1. Wonderful! I love puttering. :)

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