So You’ve Got a Christian Introvert in Your Small Group…

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8 thoughts on “So You’ve Got a Christian Introvert in Your Small Group…

  1. OMG, so true!! Small groups life is a challenge and when you point out I’ve actually verbalized something it makes me shut up fast. I may be quiet but I am participating completely! Thank you Em.

  2. Awesome! Thank you also for the shout-out. I like #3 and 7, right on.
    I wrote a similar post on this too, which got published at :)

  3. Awesome blog in my opinion lol

  4. Now to circulate this to all christian small group leaders worldwide…. lol

    1. Yessssss. Feel free to print this out and distribute it. ;-)

  5. Best piece on introversion in relation to the topic that I’ve read…great job. Thank you

  6. Em – totally loved this post about introverts and small groups! You nailed it. Keep up the great writing!

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