I’m Not a Sociopath: I’m Just an INTJ: PART DEUX

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12 thoughts on “I’m Not a Sociopath: I’m Just an INTJ: PART DEUX

  1. Very well said – I especially like your point that INTJ’s will become very animated and talkative on a subject they know and are passionate about. (And, that may be many – the older we get, the more time we have to become specialists on different subjects.) And as I tell people “I know what I know and I know what I don’t know.” And if I don’t know it – you can bet I will know where to find it. ;)

    Oh, and yes, your point about the need to remember dates for historical events as opposed to the relevance of the big picture. That always irked me…provided I knew, on a general timeline, where the event fell. I will never be a nitpicking detail person – I must leave that to others.

  2. I am a big picture INFP/J. I have a hard time remembering minutiae and get frustrated when others break down grand free flowing ideas or stories into, in my opinion, unnecessary, often quantitative details. Like you, I enjoy history but couldn’t care less about the exact dates or locations. In high school the history teacher cared more about battle names and dates than he did the resulting freedoms and effects on humanity. So boring to me.

    I love your images! I laughed out loud. Thank you for a fun and fascinating read.

  3. A great summary of INTJness. Some of the ways it presents in you are a bit different in me (of course!) but I liked when you talked about completely not understanding someone v disagreeing with them. I’ve had many moments like that! I also liked what Anne said above about knowing what we know perhaps better than anyone else, and also knowing what we don’t know and being very ok with that. I think it stumps people sometimes at work when I come out and say “I have no idea about that at all, I’ll have to get someone else to talk to you”. Because other people don’t just come out and say that, or refuse to assist at all, but I’m very clear on what I know and what I don’t.

    1. Thanks for reading! Your comment made me realize something: I’ve read somewhere that INTJs—or maybe it’s Introverts in general—are generally good about giving credit where credit is due. (That’s something I hope is true for me, at least). Maybe being aware of what we do and don’t know, and what we are and aren’t capable of, is related to that.

      1. I think so! Again, I think its true for introverts generally as well as INTJs specifically, but I am certainly one for substance over style – and I’ll let you know if something you’ve said or done is wonderful (because of course being INTJ, my assessment of it being wonderful is just a representation of fact! ;) ). Because we sit back, observe, and for INTJs imagine, project and strategise then speak and share, we can recognise the worth of something seemingly small in a bigger picture – perhaps even give credit beyond what others would see as being due.

  4. I appreciate watching period films with you for this very reason. Also, I am glad you have not murdered me for all my S-tendencies. <3

    1. I suppose it helps that we are often separated by Gchat. ;-) Seriously, though, it’s not so much murder-worthy as “What…but…where did that even COME FROM in your brain????”

      And awwww, I’m glad you don’t mind my “SIT DOWN AND LET ME GIVE YOU A HISTORY LECTURE AS LONG AS THE MOVIE.”

  5. I recall reading a book once that asserted (SPOILER ALERT) that Nelson didn’t really die at Trafalgar. (It was probably an alternative history… or perhaps I just imagined it.)

    A little hint from a fellow blogger, make sure you click the box to links you include in your post that opens them to a “new window,” so that readers aren’t carried away from your post.

    Enjoyed it!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the hint–I always forget to do that.

  6. Fellow female INTJ here! It’s insane how relatable this all is. I’ve been sucked into the world of researching personality types!!

  7. I loved this! I’n an INTJ too. I could connect to it so well. One thing I have really noticed about myself is that I definitely don’t speak up unless I am 100% confident in what I am saying.

    1. Absolutely. Thanks for stopping by!

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