In Which Our Heroine Feels Somewhat Famous

Dear friend and fellow fangirl Terpsichore over at the Egotist’s Club has tagged me in some kind of question-and-answer blog game, and I am obligated to respond. In answering them, I realized I may be under the influence of reading and watching too many Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Tom Hiddleston interviews. Getting questions like these make me feel much more famous than I have any right to feel. Anyway, let’s press on.

1. What leader (from history or fiction) would you follow into the very jaws of death? Why?

It’s a toss-up between Thor and Captain America. They’re both decent guys who fight for pretty worthy causes. (If it involves defeating Loki, though, my loyalty to Thor would be harshly tested.)

Oh dear…maybe I should reconsider.

2. Would you rather be an old-fashioned bard wandering around and telling stories, or a modern-day writer? Why?

I’d rather be (I am) a modern-day writer, because I like having the Internet for research purposes. Also, I’m a better communicator in print/writing than in speech, so I am pretty sure I would make a miserable bard.

3. What musical instrument best communicates your personality? How or why?

I’m going to say a piano, because the black and white keys represent how I tend to go to extremes (cue Billy Joel). And because I can be pretty sweet when you know which strings to pluck.

4. If you had a hedgehog, what would you name it, and why?

Prickly Pear. Self-explanatory, I think. Actually, I’d probably name it something a little less obvious, but I can’t think of anything better right now.

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5. If you could tell high school students one thing that would influence them for the rest of their live, what would it be and why?

You will encounter many poisonous people in your life—be they family, coworkers, or complete strangers—and you should be polite to them when you can’t avoid them, but you are under no obligation to give them space in your head or in your life. And the reason I’d share this is because I think people would be a lot happier if they recognized that they don’t need to let toxic relationships into their lives.

6. What is the very first book you would read aloud to your baby, and why?

I want to say The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe because I just finished rereading it, and I have been thinking how much I look forward to reading the Narnia series to my future child (if I have one).

7. What are your thoughts on Disney acquiring Star Wars?

Pretty much nonexistent. I have not seen all the Star Wars films, either the original trilogy or the prequels, so I am completely disinterested in that whole issue. Given that I love many Marvel movies, and Disney has the rights to those, I’m inclined to think it’s possible that Disney wouldn’t completely botch a new Star Wars movie. That doesn’t mean I’d go see it, though.

8. What qualities of leadership do you possess?

That’s a hard question to answer about oneself. I do try to make sure everyone has all the necessary information and that they know what they’re getting into. Depending on the situation, I’d probably have enthusiasm too. I think I’m pretty good about giving credit where it’s due, and making rational decisions, and making sure my “crew” are taken care of.

(Just realized that I used the word “crew” and no that was not intentionally a Star Trek: Into Darkness reference, for those of you who might wonder.)

(Oh, well, I’ve gone and done it now.)


"My crew is my there anything you would not do for your family?"
“My crew is my family…is there anything you would not do for your family?”
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  1. This was delightful. Thanks famous friend!

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