Vintage, Non-Awkward Family Photos

Yesterday, in my rounds of Christmas-season visits, I saw my uncle Dennis and aunt Linda (my dad’s brother and his wife). If you met Dennis you would probably see where I get my knack for storytelling and hyperbole.

A lot of the visit involved looking at old family photos that my uncle had scanned onto his computer. I don’t have copies of all of the ones we looked at yesterday, but I thought I would share a few of those I do have, because I just love them.

April 1047 George and Betty with son George David Jacobs

Grandma and grandpa, with my 5-month-old dad

(My paternal grandmother died in 2010, but my grandfather died when I was only 3 and I don’t remember him. Apparently he was a very good man; my mother never could say enough nice things about him.)

Dec 26 1943 Walter Arens - Mary & George Jacobs - Betty

Camp Beauregard, Pineville, La., December 1943 (My grandparents are on the right; I don’t know who the other couple are)

Dec 26 1943

Sgt. Jacobs, Camp Beauregard again, Dec. 1943

Is it at all weird or awkward to say that my grandfather was a very handsome man? I told my aunt and uncle that he looked like a combination of Vincent Price and Fredric March and they agreed with much amusement.

Jacobs at Burkhardt Street - 1955

Clockwise from top left: my grandma, aunt Mary Beth, grandpa, father, uncle Dennis in 1955

(Hope my dad doesn’t mind his childhood pictures being posted to teh Interwebz, ehehehe…)