BREAKING NEWS: Independent Author and Adorable Blogger Seeks Patronage

You know how much I love and appreciate you wonderful blog readers, right?

Here’s the thing: In case you missed the posts, I had to have surgery last month. (I owe you at least one more post o’ stories about that, by the way.) I’m still recovering well–doing kickboxing, Zumba, cooking, planning new life adventures, writing, all the things I like to do.

But now, the hospital bills are rolling in. Because of my self-employment status, I pay for my own (high-deductible) health insurance, and these bills are all but obliterating my savings. And unfortunately, I’ve not only got a few more surgery-related bills coming, but also will be paying for non-cosmetic dental procedures and car repairs in the near future.

This poor baby has been through so much.

I’m not asking for donations. I thought about putting a PayPal Donation button on this page, but, as a self-published author, I have more to offer in return for your money.

Instead, I’d be immensely grateful if you bought a copy of my book! Maybe you haven’t yet, but you’ve considered it. Maybe you have your own copy, but need a gift idea for someone else.

This is my spouse and my firstborn child, rolled into one.
Click through for the page!

I’ve reduced the price of both the Kindle and the paperback versions. The Kindle version will be available for $3.99, and the paperback for $11.60. (As I’m writing this post, it looks like the old prices are still in use, but this should change by tomorrow.) I also brought back the little side widget there with a photo of the book and a link to its page.

It may seem like it wouldn’t make a difference to buy one book, but it does–emotionally as well as financially. I really need the help, especially if I’m going to buy gas money to drive places that will not only contribute to this blog, but may provide research opportunities for future books.

And really, if I can’t fund my adventures, what are y’all gonna come here to read about??

Oh, for the open road…
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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Independent Author and Adorable Blogger Seeks Patronage

  1. Bought it. I also took the opportunity to order Volume 1 of both “Lackadaisy” and “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant”, because what’s the point of a credit card if you can’t support brilliant but struggling webcomic artists now and then? Plus, free Amazon shipping. +)

    I do hope the Adorable Blogger (is that how we should address you now?) continues to recover and not be plagued so much by the bills and whatnot that get in the way of life. Take care, and keep having adventures!

    1. You are awesome! I hope you enjoy each of those purchases. :-D

      (I haven’t taken on “Adorable Blogger” as an official title, though I will certainly answer to it!)

  2. Will do, Em once I am back in Canada. Right now am having my own adventures in Japan. Little side note. Be careful with exercise—you did have surgery and need to remember there is internal as well as external healing to be done!

    1. Wonderful, Shannon. Safe travels to you!
      And thank you. I was unusually sore last week because I think I was doing too much, but I’m still getting better (though still tender in the belly area). My surgeon said he had no more activity restrictions for me, though I confess I’m not sure if he knew I did kickboxing.

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