Travel Update: Pre-Road-Trip Edition

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal, “here’s what’s happening in my real life” post.

On Wednesday, my dad, stepdad, and stepdad’s brother came down to Columbus and helped load a U-Haul full of my stuff that is now at Bob (stepdad)’s house. I have been working, cleaning, throwing stuff out, and loading up my car with what remains. Lydia brought me dinner and helped with some cleaning before we went for a walk. It ended up being my last walk in the cemetery by my (now former) apartment.

Taken in the fall, but you get the idea.
Taken in the fall, but you get the idea.



At one point she asked me how I was feeling about everything, and that was when I realized that a lot of my disappointments about Columbus were gone. Yeah, I’ve had more immediate things on my mind, but I was able to think, “Yes, there are things that didn’t happen that I wish had, and things that were different from the way I had hoped, but I’m okay with that now.” I think the long prep time I have had for this trip helped me process things and mourn over the disappointments I did have, giving me the chance to acknowledge them, get past it, and leave with good vibes and excitement for what’s ahead.

On Thursday, I was scheduled to have my Internet shut off, so I had to work at Panera and then drop off my router, etc. with the cable company. Bethany came over and did a spectacular job helping me clean my kitchen, and I swear if I don’t get my security deposit back, well … I don’t even know. I’ll blame her. (I’m kidding.) I even got to cook her risotto, and give her a lot of leftover foodstuffs I had that otherwise would have been thrown out. All the activity was really difficult, though, because I have not slept properly in over a week, and I have been so exhausted. No matter how much I try to wear myself out, the heat and stress still overpower my sleep.

Today, I woke up at 5:30–an hour before my alarm, of course for no reason, so I got up and did a few more cleaning/packing/loading things before I went to Panera to do actual day-job work. Because of my early start, and by being so exhausted that I couldn’t even waste the energy on distractions like Facebook, I finished at 9:30. I finished cleaning out the apartment and packing my car, then used my extra time to go to the credit union and deposit a bunch of change I’d been collecting in a jar (over $50!). The teller was suuuuuuuuuper cute, which was a very nice Friday/send-off treat. I went to McDonald’s and used their wifi to chat with Kara and Joy before Zumba. Yeah, in spite of everything that’s been happening in the last week, I somehow had the energy for my last Zumba class, and it was awesome. Bev gave me a CD of my favorites, so I had that to listen to on the drive up to Bob’s, and to add to the 20+ hours of music I have on my “Road Trip Adventure” playlist on my iPod.

I have literally done this. In Victoria’s Secret, no less.

Something else occurred to me during Zumba. As I was dancing in spite of my exhaustion (fueled by delight that I was finally out of the apartment and proceeding to the next phase), I was suddenly aware of just how much I’ve been through physically in the last two years. There was exercising more and getting in better shape; falling away from that because of gallbladder surgery; getting stitches in my foot and recovering from that; taking kickboxing for the first time; dietary experimentation; serious insomnia and depression (this year has not been quite as bad as last year, so far); jet-lagged from travel to England and from walking MILES AND MILES all over Portsmouth and London; and this week of high stress and low sleep. I still managed to accomplish all that I needed to do today, and I still had energy for Zumba (and to be in a good mood and be nice to people!), and I was like, “Wow…my body is amazing.” And by that, I mean the human body in general is amazing. Bizarre and amazing.

“I never knew what I was capable of.”

Now I’m at Bob’s, and I have until Monday night to do laundry; pack all my bags and sort my clothes, toiletries, and other necessities for the trip; clean out/reload my car; finalize and type up my itinerary; do day-job work, plus a freelance project I get to work on; do laundry; SLEEEEEP; hopefully visit some people around here; buy/pick up whatever I need that I still don’t have; and take care of whatever details I don’t remember now.

I’m going from here to Toledo to stay with my dad a couple days and visit people there. Then it’s on to Chicago for next weekend, then Lawrence KS, and then the Oregon Trail!!

Wish me luck! More updates to come, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Update: Pre-Road-Trip Edition

  1. Good to hear from you Em. I was running thru my prayer list and your name came up. It made me think you hadn’t posted in a while. Which created some anxiety…is she ok, do I act like a stalker or just have patience.

    1. That’s so sweet, Shannon! I don’t mind a little stalking. ;-) I’m not leaving for my trip until June 3, and then I’m skipping from friend’s house to friend’s house until June 11, when I head out on my own on the “Oregon Trail” and that’s when people should really start to worry.

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