Beautiful Idaho: Shoshone Falls Park

I know that I’m getting further and further behind on these road trip/Oregon Trail posts. I have been tired–physically tired, busy, and also a little sick of being on the road. Well, I’ve only been on the road the last two days. I just spent a week in Seattle with my bff Kara, and it was so fun and refreshing, an antidote to both my loneliness and my road-weariness. But my plans took me away before I was all that ready, so traveling alone again isn’t as much fun as it was before I got to Seattle. But I’m headed back east, to Milwaukee, where I’ll be staying with my high-school friend Laurel for the rest of July, so hopefully that will be another cure for what ails me.

(If any of you live in the general Milwaukee area–like within an hour of the city–we could totally meet up!)

To help myself catch up a little, I’m going to condense Day Six On The Oregon Trail (June 16) into one location: Shoshone Falls Park. It was my favorite part of the day anyway, and where I spent the most time. I have to say that overall, I really liked Idaho. It was gorgeous, and blessedly populated after the frightening barrenness that was most of Wyoming. The only disappointment was that I didn’t see any potatoes. (In fact, I learned that the county that produces the most potatoes in the United States is in Washington.) Anyway, I think I could see myself living in the Boise area if the proper opportunity presented itself.

Shoshone Falls isn’t in Boise, though. But it’s pretty. The falls were a somewhat out-of-the-way landmark on the Oregon Trail. They are part of the Snake River, which the Trail follows for a long time. This river is the largest tributary of the Columbia River, which itself is the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific. Snake River was one of those parts of the Oregon Trail game that I always remembered and really wanted to see in real life. I don’t know why–maybe it’s just because I like both snakes and rivers. But at Shoshone Falls, I got a good look.

Hello, little marmot
The second of three rainbows I’ve seen on this road trip so far

A more peaceful part of the Snake River…although it’s upstream of the Falls, so it’s not that peaceful for long…
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