Personal Post: 2014 in Review

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog for the past month, because I have had a lot going on that I wasn’t ready to blog about. I will go into more detail later, but I thought it would be interesting to list some of the most significant moments of the year…

Things That I Did (or Things That Happened to Me) This Year:

  • Read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series
  • Had my gall bladder removed in January
  • Got stitches in April after dropping glass on my foot
  • Moved out of Columbus
  • Went to a Sherlock Holmes exhibit at COSI with Joy before I moved

  • Drove the Oregon Trail
  • Did AirBNB for the first time (and racked up excellent reviews!)
  • Drove in a blizzard to see Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus via National Theatre Live
  • Made meals for Bethany when she became a new mom
  • Saw Boston in the fall
  • Got a raise at work
  • Saw both versions of the play Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch/Jonny Lee Miller
  • Got to spend a whole week in Seattle with Kara
  • Toured the seedy underbelly of historic Seattle
  • Saw a wild moose for the first time
  • Went hiking in Maine
  • Ate the best burger of my life (The Coach House, a little family restaurant in Brewer, Maine, if you’re ever up there)
  • Became obsessed with Frozen
  • Went to Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine for the first time
  • Made some uncomfortable but ultimately helpful confessions
  • Reconciled with someone after considering doing so for 2 years
  • The only person I didn’t like working with quit the company
  • Bought a plane ticket to see my friend Megan in Las Vegas (which will be my first time going)
  • Took a train to NYC on my own, and went to Central Park and Grand Central for the first time


  • Got hooked on Forever, Parks and Recreation, and Bob’s Burgers
  • Bought (too much) new jewelry
  • Found a really good church while staying with my stepdad
  • Went to all of the Rifftrax Live events this year
  • Learned to play the North and South theme on the piano
  • Stayed in a bed & breakfast for the first (and possibly last) time
  • Wrote and completed a new fanfic
  • Had a fanfic written for/about me ;-)
  • Fell in love with bearded dragons and decided I wanted one someday
  • Same with guinea pigs
  • Made new online friends
  • Spent time with old friends
  • Learned to make my mom’s chicken paprikash and chocolate cake
  • Continued to wrestle with singleness
  • Read more C.S. Lewis (and fell more ridiculously in love with him)
  • Went to the Wade Center at Wheaton College
  • Went to an amazing little zoo in Pennsylvania called “Reptiland” and saw an anaconda yawn
  • Lived in the same state as my oldest friend for the first time in about 28 years
  • Realized more deeply how I have allowed anxiety to spoil things
  • Went to Salem, Mass., for the first time, and in October!


  • Struggled with some relationships, and probably lost a few
  • Persisted when I thought I couldn’t go on
  • Literally prayed for death
  • Kept living anyway
  • Repeatedly reminded of God’s love for me
  • Got a prescription for a sleeping pill that actually works, which makes a good dent in my depression
  • Considered moving to Montana, Washington, and New Hampshire (and actually went apartment-hunting in the latter) before deciding to move back to my hometown
  • Signed a lease on a new apartment in NW Ohio starting Jan. 1!
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2 thoughts on “Personal Post: 2014 in Review

  1. “*Struggled with some relationships, and probably lost a few
    *Persisted when I thought I couldn’t go on
    *Literally prayed for death
    *Kept living anyway
    *Repeatedly reminded of God’s love for me”

    Amen. Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful because He cannot deny Himself, and while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Praying your 2015 is one of peace and joy. <3

  2. You did a lot! I didn’t do much. My life these days consists mostly of work, recuperating from work, watching old TV shows on Amazon, and going to work. The only new thing I did was a few jigsaw puzzles for the first time since the 80’s. I’m finding them to be MUCH more fun and fulfilling than they were when I was younger. I’ve been doing them without looking at the picture on the box, so more of an adventure full of little surprises.

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