Gluten Free…Bread??

I recently purchased Gluten-Free Girl Every Day, and although I am excited to try the chana masala and walnut-kale pesto, I had to try the recipe for gluten-free sandwich bread ASAP. Sandwiches have been one of the most difficult things to give up. I found good recipes for GF naan and GF pizza, so those haven’t been much of a sacrifice, but sandwiches have been a killer.

I said that this wasn’t going to become an exclusively GF blog, and I stand by that. But I have to share today’s semi-victory, because I am just so pleased, AND there are pictures!

Just as Gluten-Free Girl promised, GF baking means you have to let go of expectations. This bread dough is more like pancake batter than the kneadable dough I was used to (it’s the gluten that makes dough stretchy; it’s why you knead dough in the first place).

But! This dough still had yeast, and it still rose. Unfortunately, I had not read the recipe carefully enough, and I let it rise too high before I put it in the oven.

So as the bread baked at 450F, it rose further only to drip down the sides, so it wasn’t quite the high, poofy loaf I was hoping for.

But like many things in life, appearances weren’t everything, for inside, I found…


Since it was made with a combination of flours that included rice, millet, buckwheat, oatmeal, and potato starch, it had a good flavor, and the texture was just like ‘real’ bread! I celebrated by having a slice topped with butter and raw, local honey I got at the farmer’s market.

Maybe this will help put an end to those traumatizing dreams I keep having about accidentally eating gluten. ;-)

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  1. Looks Yum!

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