My Post-Election Plea for Us All


Let us resist the urge to spew blame, vitriol, and hateful comments about each other about how one person did or didn’t vote. (And I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this myself).

Instead, let’s try listening. Listen to the concerns of others. Even if you wholeheartedly disagree with them. Listen to the reasons behind their decisions. Listen to their point of view and try to understand where they’re coming from.

Mount Rainier in Washington state

Trump supporters: Please try to understand why others are fearful of the next presidency.

Trump haters: Please try to understand why Trump voters thought he was the best option.

It’s true that some men just want to watch the world burn, but a lot of us want the same things: health and happiness, freedom to live without fear and to make our own choices and exist as we see fit. Instead of blaming each other, calling names, or even gloating, treat others with respect, as you want to be treated. Try to understand the desires behind the decisions. Anger and mockery only make things worse.

Let us no longer look to politicians and government to “rescue” us, to give us rights, to determine the course of our lives. Let us not let politics derail or dictate us. Speak up for your rights and the rights of others.

keep calm and restore sanity poster

Let us focus on treating each other with peace and dignity, no matter who you voted for or who is or will be in the White House, Congress, or courts.

And if, like me, you are a follower of Christ, we can be at peace knowing that all governments of this world do come to an end, but Jesus has overcome the world and is our true eternal leader.

rainbow in Oregon

5 thoughts on “My Post-Election Plea for Us All

  1. I was thinking the same thing. the hateful comments, i avoid the internet when things like this happen. i feel i stand in the middle when it comes to politics and big decisions – perhaps I am unable to not see both sides of the argument – an intj trait maybe!

    1. I’m an INTJ, too! And like you, I have mostly just kept my mouth shut and listened.

      1. In many cases, I keep my mouth shut and try to NOT listen. Some stuff I just don’t want to hear (especially when it comes to discussions in the office).

  2. I’m Canadian so really just a spectator. But it was confusing and unsettling to watch. I think respect and patience is needed on both sides.

    1. Absolutely. And yeah, I’m embarrassed by what the circus must look like to outsiders.
      (Glad to see you here again, Shannon!)

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