3 Tricks to Boost Your Motivation

At the start of a new year, motivation is at an all-time high. For a couple weeks, anyway.

Then reality sets in, and it gets harder to maintain your enthusiasm and stay on course. You start to slow down, let things slide, and get discouraged.

So how do you keep up that motivation—whether you’re trying to produce new content, pack healthier lunches, or network more effectively?

Here are three tricks to keep you on track.

1. Set smaller goals.

One big goal, like “lose 50 pounds” or “increase referrals by 50%,” can be so intimidating you may not be able to get started, much less achieve it.

Instead, break the big goal into smaller steps and focus on one step at a time. Tackle those steps in small portions. For example, you might start by spending only 5 extra minutes pursuing a particular lead. It’s small enough that it seems sillier not to do it.

say cheers to a new goal by making a public commitment

2. Make the commitment official—and public.

If your goal is personal, write a contract to yourself, including a reward for finishing it and a consequence for slacking off.

If your goal is related to work, get others in on it. Track your progress publicly, such as on social media or on a poster in your office.

If it’s strongly related to the company, you might even put the goal or commitment on your company’s website. Include your team in the process.

rethink how you approach your tasks to boost motivation

3. Rethink tasks you hate.

Chances are, some of those little steps toward your big goal are less pleasant. Maybe you have blog posts to create but you hate writing, or you have a challenging customer you’d rather not call.

Tap into those emotions associated with dreaded tasks. Is there something about these tasks you can change while still completing it? Can you outsource the task and focus on something you’re better at?

If you aren’t sure where the hate comes from, try to tackle your to-do list while practicing mindfulness. Really think about the actions you are taking, the physical experiences you are having, and question whether it is actually that awful. This can help retrain your brain to make tasks less unappealing.

Put these steps into practice and your 2019 goals will soon be a reality!

Got more tips about what keeps you motivated? Comment below and let me know!

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