Interested in Freelance Business Writing? Don’t Miss These Five Absolutely CRUCIAL Resources

If you or someone you know is interested in freelance business and marketing writing, there is something important you should know right away: You can’t do it alone!

The wide, wild Internet is full of thousands of resources for new freelance writers–and some of these resources are less legit than others.

learn how to avoid unhelpful illegitimate freelance writing sites

Cut through the crap and check out some resources I personally vouch for. One way or another, they have been helpful to my freelance writing journey, and they can help you, too!

1. For business blogging and other types of content marketing, this website offers good advice for those who need help with the actual writing.

2. Make A Living Writing: This website and blog by renowned writer Carol Tice has lots of advice from Carol and other contributors for people who are just starting out. Popular topics include paying writing markets, where to find clients, and how to write magazine pitches.

3. Carol also runs the Freelance Writers Den, a membership group which currently has a waitlist but has a lot of great resources once you’re in. It is particularly helpful for its active forum, where you can get questions answered. There are also workshops on different types of writing—blogs, white papers, case studies, etc. (Pro tip: Like freelance writing itself, this place is not for the thin-skinned! Constructive criticism abounds and Carol’s style can be a little abrasive.)

4. High Income Business Writing: This website by copywriter Ed Gandia has a ton of helpful resources, especially on the business side of freelancing, like how to find clients and productivity techniques. Be sure to check out his podcasts—I find his voice very soothing, and enjoy his friendly, approachable, yet no-nonsense style.

5. The Jet-Setting Copywriter: This website by Australia-based copywriter Kevin Casey is less in-depth than the above, but still full of good tips and resources. I’ve found him more accessible than other writers with larger followings—you can send him a personal email if you have questions!

Several published books can help freelance writers succeed

Bonus! Two books that are absolute must-reads:

Whether you (or a friend) have already made the plunge into freelance writing, or are starting to consider it, be sure to check out the links above to get on the right track.

When there’s too much content to create and not enough time or people to create it, I’m there to help write the words they want to say. And I can help your team, too! Shoot me an email or visit my website at to learn more about what I can do for you.

As always, thanks for reading. If you find this post helpful, or know someone who would, share away!

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