How to Give Feedback Graciously and Effectively

constructive feedback is important in content marketing

Ah, feedback. Opinions. Constructive criticism.

You can’t get through life without giving or receiving it at one time or another. And yet, you probably dread it.

That might be because you’re not too great at it. I know I’m not.

The good news: Most of us are bad at delivering or accepting feedback.

The better news: You can improve!

Since it’s better to give than to receive, let’s start with giving helpful feedback. Whether you’re addressing a team member, subordinate, or manager, you can deliver it with honesty and compassion.

Think about why you believe feedback is necessary

1. Understand your motives for giving feedback. You should actually want to improve the situation and support the other person, not defend yourself or appease a third party.

2. Use “I” statements to state your own observations, feelings, and needs.Don’t use “you” statements that can sound judgmental and make the other person feel defensive or labeled.

3. Don’t let it get personal. Critique behavior, not the person.

Make sure feedback is timely and not a personal attack

4. Be specific and timely. Don’t wait a long time before offering feedback, and make sure you provide specifics. Don’t bombard the person with a list of criticisms, which will make them feel attacked and become counterproductive.

5. Include positives. If possible, include relevant, appropriate compliments or encouragement. This can help the person understand what works and what they do well.

Offer constructive feedback in private to be considerate of others feelings

6. Offer feedback in private. This reduces the potential embarrassment to the person receiving criticism, and demonstrates care for their feelings and privacy.

7. Frame it in the big picture. Whether you are offering positive or negative feedback, explain what impact it has on that person’s team, clients, or organization. This can help them better prioritize their behavior and how it impacts others.

Improve your communications today!

Good communication is important for any healthcare organization. I work with many different organizations on their marketing content and communications to share information, ideas, and stories more effectively. Shoot me an email or visit to learn more about what I can do for you.

As always, thanks for reading. If you find this blog post helpful, or know someone who would, share away!

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