Three Ways to Make Your Marketing Content Work Smarter (and Harder)

Content marketing is a long-term commitment that can yield enormous rewards. But let’s face it–sometimes it’s hard to keep thinking of new ideas and making your content work as hard as it can. Here are three ways to get the most value out of every piece of content marketing.

repurpose original content to make stretch your marketing content budget

1. Repurpose existing content.

Your content doesn’t always have to be 100% brand-new to do the job. Some content can be reused for different media or contexts. Here are a few examples:

  • Use quotes from blog posts or white papers to make social-media posts
  • Transcribe videos or podcasts into blog posts
  • Turn blog posts into emails

By repurposing existing content, you can keep your website updated, save time, and stretch your marketing budget.

use customer comments and audience feedback to inspire your content marketing

2. Get inspired by comments and questions.

If you’re short on content ideas, look to your existing customers and audience. Check out any questions or comments you get on your blogs or social-media posts. They might serve as a jumping-off point for future content, such as follow-up posts, FAQs, or more in-depth white papers.

share marketing content wherever you can

3. Share, share, share.

“If you build it, they will come” is for baseball diamonds, not content marketing. Even the best content won’t magically draw an audience. Don’t just post to your website or social media and sit back to wait for the views to roll in–you need to get out there and share it whenever and wherever you can. 

Post links to your social media pages. Put sign-up links in your email signature. Send announcements to your email lists about new blog posts, ebooks, videos, or white papers. Encourage colleagues and employees to share your organization’s content and updates. As your audience grows and more traffic comes to your website or social media, you may be able to ease off a little, but for the most part, it’s up to you to get the word out about your content.

Need help with content marketing, new or old?

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