Marketers Are Struggling With Content Strategy Priorities

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has left a lot of companies scrambling to adjust their content marketing strategies, including their budgets.

So if you’re struggling with your content, you’re not alone.

When it comes to producing and distributing content, a lot of companies are taking a “throw spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks” approach.

Marketers may be too focused on budget and time, and not giving enough attention to what their audience actually wants, or their content’s ROI.

A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, produced in partnership with Rock Content, suggests that marketers need to work on:

  • Improving the quality of their content
  • Choosing their distribution channels more strategically
  • Measuring their content’s impact and ROI

The full report, “Making Content Grow into Customer Flow,” can be found on the CMO Council website.

Need help developing quality marketing content?

That’s what I’m here for! If you’re struggling to manage and create your content and copy in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, let’s talk. I help healthcare organizations and marketing professionals strategize and write quality content that increases traffic, leads, and revenue.

Check out my content marketing ebook, “Essential Tips for a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.” After that, feel free to connect on LinkedIn, as well!

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