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What’s happening in the world of content marketing? Check out this news roundup and get caught up!

Use these copywriting tips for your email campaigns.

Email marketing is still a low-cost, high-value strategy. But the key word is “strategy.”

You can’t just send out any email and expect good results. This article in AdRants lists some key features of great email marketing.

  • Put effort into your subject line so people open your emails
  • Write personalized, conversational content
  • Keep CAPS and exclamation marks to a minimum
  • Make your language clear more than clever or catchy
  • Be sure your audience understands why you’re sending the email to them, at this time, and how they will benefit

Don’t get obsessed with keywords in your SEO.

Many marketing leaders are still concerned about writing lots of content with key search terms. However, that’s not as important as making sure your customers like your stuff.

This BuiltIn article includes an interview with Eli Schwartz, former head of SurveyMonkey’s SEO team and author of the new book, Product-Led SEO. He notes that companies need to focus on pleasing customers and offering great products and services—not appeasing ever-changing search algorithms.

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What is content marketing about, really?

It’s hard to appreciate the value of content marketing if you aren’t clear on what it is. This article in New Zealand’s Stuff provides a great overview. In short, it’s about telling your audience—in a compelling, authentic way—how you can benefit them.

Whatever type of content marketing you use (short social media posts, catchy videos, frequent blog posts, or long articles), it needs to be delivered in a way that sounds like you’re talking to someone face-to-face. It should be shareable, engaging, and meet a need or attract curiosity in your audience.

Freaked out about SEO algorithm updates?

Updates to Google and other search engine algorithms can be anxiety-inducing for companies that depend on a solid online presence. However, an article by TechCrunch notes thatnot every search algorithm change is cause for alarm.

For example, reduced search traffic does not necessarily mean you’re screwed or your site is being penalized. Collect and examine data on clicks, impressions, particular URLs, and other specific details to get the full picture of what is going on and what does or doesn’t need to change.

When it comes to your website, your highest priority should be user experience. Individual pages may lose traffic, but overall your site will continue to grow. Make sure you are producing website updates and content that is focused on pleasing the user above an algorithm.

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Here’s how to repurpose content effectively.

Are you getting as much value as possible from your content marketing? These tips in Forbes will help you tweak and repurpose your content to its full potential.

  • Regularly update and revisit content; this includes making sure all links are still working and the facts are still accurate
  • Think beyond blogging in your content marketing strategy; consider other types of content that are relative to your audience, such as downloadable materials
  • Try gating high-value content; this doesn’t mean you have to charge for it, but you may want to require an email address before granting access, which can help build your contact list
  • Promote your current content with a newsletter

Need content marketing help?

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