My Novel “Radicals & Royalists”


In 1793, France’s revolution has divided Europe and sparked war with Britain. Nations, cities, and hearts are divided between old traditions of authority and new ideas of liberty. In Portsmouth, England, Lydia Jameson and her father Nicholas risk accusations of treason to spread their own revolutionary beliefs in pamphlets and newspapers. However, life at the center of Britain’s sea power brings complications. Soon Lydia must reconcile her politics with her increasing attraction to a naval officer who represents everything she was raised to despise.

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5 thoughts on “My Novel “Radicals & Royalists”

  1. i just read some of this and it looks amazing! i cant wait until your book comes out!!

    1. Thank you! Believe me, I can’t wait either!

  2. Hello! Just wanted you to know Radicals & Royalists will be shared as a book suggestion on CMOC tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11th). Thank you so much for being such an awesome writer! Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee publish more books.

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