Lighter Reading and (Fan)fiction

In my dreams, I am a famous author because of my own original works of historical fiction.

In reality, my fanfiction is more popular than my own novel.

Since Radicals and Royalists already has its own page on this blog, I thought I might as well make one for my fanfiction. I’ve written fanfics under a variety of pseudonyms on several different sites for years, so this may help streamline the whole thing. If you like my blog, which is mostly nonfiction–although I talk about fiction a lot–this might be a way for you to experience a different side of my writing.

1. A Voyage UnforeseenI wrote this fic, based on the children’s book The Witch of Blackbird Pond, with my friend Kara. It’s not a sequel, but a retelling of the same story through Nat Eaton’s point-of-view, and thus supplements the existing story. The current link goes to, but I may move it soon.

2. The Magic of Two Minds: This is a Frozen/Thor crossover that explores what a relationship between Elsa and Loki would have looked like within the canon of both their movies. I know that a Loki/Elsa pairing sounds ridiculous, but I loved the idea as soon as I saw Frozen. Also the fic is really, really good. Yes, I’m blowing my own horn, and I don’t care, because I’m almost prouder of this fic than my own novel. And if you happen to read it, yes: the Sherlock and Game of Thrones references are totally intentional.

3. A True Revolution: A one-chapter crossover between Doctor Who and the Felicity books in the American Girl series. Totally absurd, and inspired by a ridiculous conversation, but I had a lot of fun and it … kind of … works? It could be the intro to more chapters, but I didn’t really know where I was going to take it, so it fizzled out, but it’s really entertaining.

4. A Stolen Relic: A one-chapter fic, based on the movie Thor, about Loki’s origins. More about Loki’s birth mother than him, really.

Note: For now, I’m only listing works that are either complete, or open-ended enough that I might or might not continue them. I have a couple in-progress fics floating around the web right now, but since I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with them anymore, I’m not going to bother linking to them here.

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