This May Be All That I Post Related to Syria

Then again, it might not. But I was having a conversation with Joy about it today, and …

Joy: Nice to see FB sent me one pleasant thing among all the Syrian whatsits
I really, really haven’t seen anyone in favor of it, except for politicians on the radio
so it…puzzles me

Me: Yeah, same here
Well, I’m not puzzled really…I think I’m too cynical for that now…but yeah I don’t think I know anyone who thinks bombing Syria is a good idea

Joy: is there something convincing we ought to be doing? should i be writing my congressman or something?

Me: WWJTD? [What Would Jeff Tucker Do?]

Joy: he would write an article that would be read by hundreds or thousands, for one
and…then …I don’t know, what would he do after that?

me: Go to McDonald’s, fly somewhere to give a talk, and then have a happy hour

Joy: yeah, that sounds about right

Me: My personal opinion: I don’t believe in appealing to those in power, because those in power will do what they want for the sake of the power they have, and not because someone asked them nicely.
And I think that everything that needs to be said…has been said. So I don’t know that I personally can contribute anything to the ongoing discussion.
Although I just saw a comment on an article that pretty much sums up my feelings: “So what if Assad gets emboldened? It’s not our fight.”

Joy: hmmm. true
that’s what I keep coming back to
Look, can’t we just keep to ourselves for a bit

Me: And people talk about America’s “moral obligations” and that’s just laughable

Joy: I get so weirded out by that

Me: Because America has already staged illegal wars and murdered civilians and engaged in fraud and bribery and theft and our society is generally f*cked (literally and figuratively) so I’d love to know where this “moral obligation” of the government comes from

Joy: I mean, would they submit that any individual had such moral obligations?
i feel like a whole bunch of people need to look up the word “jurisdiction”

Me: True
I feel like things would be so much simpler if the United States Government said “Look, we’re not going to station/build embassies/send troops/etc. anywhere beyond our land borders, or 5 miles out to sea. If another country attempts any kind of attack or invasion within those borders, we will take you down. If you, an American individual/company/tour group, venture beyond those borders, you are free to go anywhere. But you are on your own.”

Joy: oh my gosh, yes, so much simpler

Me: Funny how Americans are so obsessed with sports, and yet the American government can’t even remember that the best offense is a good defense.
I don’t watch sports AND EVEN I KNOW THAT.

And a few hours later … The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved President Obama’s plan to strike Syria in retaliation for the reported use of chemical weapons. So … huzzah for that.

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