Vague Updates and a New Road Trip

This blog has been pretty quiet recently. I won’t go into details about why—there have been a lot of emotional ups and downs, vague decision-making about my future, some disappointments here and there. But God is at work, and He is gradually feeding me the information I need as I need it. I do wish I had more to go on, but I’m working with what I have.

Right now, actually, I am in New England. I left last week and drove through Pennsylvania and New York, had another good AirBNB experience, and stayed with friends in Boston. I went to New York City, Salem (for the first time), and Rockport MA (also for the first time). I’m planning to go hiking in Maine and Vermont, and I don’t even have plans yet for my return. I have to be back in Ohio for a meeting in the last week of the month, but aside from that, I’m keeping things pretty open-ended.

Unlike my trip out West this summer, I am deliberately trying to be better at trusting God and not giving in to anxiety, the better to enjoy the journey. After months of depression and insecurity and uncertainty, I have friends praying that this trip will be enjoyable and spiritually refreshing, and so far God has responded with great generosity.

Someday I will post more pictures of my trip from out West, but until then, enjoy a few shots from the last week:

Looking across the Hudson from Hyde Park, NY
Vanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park NY
Your blogger, on the train to NYC
View of Central Park
Gutenberg Bible at the New York Public Library
October in Salem
Massachusetts coastline

View of/from Rockport, Mass.

3 thoughts on “Vague Updates and a New Road Trip

  1. Great pics and good to see a smile on your face!

  2. Salem in October-you are a brave soul!

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