Are You an INTJ? Take This Quiz!

Instructions: Answer the questions with “Yes” or “No.”

1. Are you surrounded by idiots?

2. Are people afraid of your resting bitchface?

3. Do you often fail to play nice with others?

4. Have you failed to notice someone’s new hairstyle?

5. Are you known for your brutal honesty?

6. Do you often get bored when other people are talking?

7. Are you considered lazy because you prefer the quickest, most efficient route?

8. Does your soul wither and die at the thought of a career in sales?

9. Are your powers of focus impressive?

10. Is it difficult for you to describe your thought process?

11. Have you silently wished death upon someone who interrupted your thoughts?

1. This week?
2. Today?
3. More than once today?

12. Do you often appear standoffish?

1. Has this ever made people think you’re confident?
2. Even though you are secretly crippled by insecurity?

13. Do you respect intelligence more than most other things in a person?

14. Do you think the world would be better off if everyone listened to you?

15. Would you be agitated if you got a less than perfect score on this quiz?

Total up your “yes” answers. That is your score.

0-3: You are not an INTJ. Stop lying to yourself.

4-10: You want to be an INTJ, but you’re not. Sorry.

11-14: You’re not an INTJ, but you’re probably one letter off in your Myers-Briggs type.

15-20: You are an INTJ, but you probably knew that already.

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