16 (ish) Signs That You’re a Hardcore Road Trip Traveler


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (as in, at least a couple years) you know how much time I spend in my car due to my love of travel. Here are a few traits and habits I’ve picked up over the years.

You’re an experienced road-tripper when …

…You know exactly how much mileage you can squeeze out of that last tick on your fuel gauge

…You know exactly how much mileage you can get out of your bladder

…You never get in your car without a bottle of water and a snack

…You get your oil changed and people ask, “What are you doing out here?” when they see your license plate

…You’ve held entire concerts or performed whole musicals by yourself

Actual picture of me in my car

…You have a sore throat (even better, a sore diaphragm) from belting your favorite songs after a couple hours on the road

Also me in my car

…You’ve worn out the scan button on your radio

…You’ve slept in motel rooms less comfortable than your car

…You’ve slept in your car deliberately

…You know when to worry about the sounds your car makes (“Is that a flat tire, or just the pavement texture??”)

…You’ve never traveled to the island of Jamaica, but you’ve been to Jamaica, Vermont


…The concept of carsickness is completely foreign to you

…GPS directions are merely guidelines

(just like speed limits)

…You have all 5-star reviews from your AirBNB hosts

…Eight hours one-way is perfectly acceptable for a weekend trip

…Some of your best vacation photos were taken from your car

… with one hand

… while driving

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