10 Things I Hate About You, Introversion (From an Introvert)

A lot of the time, I am proud to be an introvert. I’ve learned a lot about personality types, introversion, and myself in the last few years, and it has been enormously helpful in many aspects of my life.  But that doesn’t mean I am 100% content with myself 100% of the time. Sometimes I hate being an introvert.

These are some of those times.

1.  Meeting someone when I’m in a friendlier mood, making them think that “upbeat extrovert” is my default; conversely, when people who know me as quiet are shocked—SHOCKED, I SAY!!!—when I crack a joke

2.  Getting tired of being around someone before I’m tired of being around someone

3.  Trying to get to know other introverts

4.  Morning people

5.  Class participation (or group projects)

6.  Being encouraged to come “out of your shell”

7.  Holidays—I’m looking at you, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween—that pressure you to celebrate with drunken out-on-the-town revelry (or to celebrate at all)

8.  The following conversation:

Me: *Shows cover of book, hoping person gets the hint*
Not Me: “Oh. IS IT GOOD?”
(No, I’m forcing myself to read it out of penance.)

Interrupt reading, get bitchface’d

9.  Taking a little longer to process thoughts, making some people think you’re stupid and slow-witted

10.  When people take your silence as encouragement to keep talking and don’t give you space in the conversation

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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About You, Introversion (From an Introvert)

  1. Yes! I’ve always hated group discussions because by the time I’ve processed what’s being discussed and come up with something relevant to add, everyone has already moved on to something else.

  2. Haha #8 – this happens to me all the time. My mom (ESFP – very F) is trying to connect with me (fellow INTJ – moderate T), but I just want to be left alone with my book. Love your blog; I relate to a lot of your posts. I’m a vegetarian learning how to cook for my husband and myself. I love C.S. Lewis, and I’m a huge Anglophile. I live in a small town in NE Indiana, but hopefully I can visit the UK one day!

      • You’re welcome, it’s nice to know there are other lady INTJs out there! I work at a school with a lot of extroverted sensors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊 It may be totally false, but I feel that the UK suits my personality more. One day!

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