10 Things I Hate About You, Introversion (From an Introvert)

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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About You, Introversion (From an Introvert)

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    Thoughts that might as well have come out of my own head.

  2. Yes! I also hate when people assume introverts are stuck up or rude because they’re quiet.

  3. Yes! I’ve always hated group discussions because by the time I’ve processed what’s being discussed and come up with something relevant to add, everyone has already moved on to something else.

  4. Haha #8 – this happens to me all the time. My mom (ESFP – very F) is trying to connect with me (fellow INTJ – moderate T), but I just want to be left alone with my book. Love your blog; I relate to a lot of your posts. I’m a vegetarian learning how to cook for my husband and myself. I love C.S. Lewis, and I’m a huge Anglophile. I live in a small town in NE Indiana, but hopefully I can visit the UK one day!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Hope you get to see the UK someday too. I’m hoping to travel to Ireland one of these days (and see the CS Lewis statue in Belfast).

      1. You’re welcome, it’s nice to know there are other lady INTJs out there! I work at a school with a lot of extroverted sensors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊 It may be totally false, but I feel that the UK suits my personality more. One day!

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