Are you driving in the fog of life?

An excellent post from a friend of mine about trusting in God when things are unclear. I had a similar experience years ago (with snow instead of fog) and this was an excellent reminder of the lessons God taught me that day.

Receive from Jesus

Early morning lesson: I had to drop someone off for a ride one morning this week. We left at 6 am and I had not been driving that early for quite a while. We’ve been having pretty thick fog around here lately and driving through the fog was cool and a bit nerve-wracking at the same time, in the pitch dark of before sunrise. When I drove home, I was thinking how like life the fog is. So many times in life we feel like we’re in the fog: hard to see, not sure what’s coming at you, slowing down just in case you run into something you did not see. Perhaps the drive you are on in life, is taking you places you never saw before or never imagined possible. The Lord spoke to me through the fog, “Even though the way is murky and you feel unsure, you are still moving…

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