How to Improve Your LinkedIn Visibility

If you’re looking to grow your network, nurture leads, and develop new business relationships, LinkedIn is now a necessity rather than an option. Here are some ways to optimize your profile and your experience to become more visible on LinkedIn.

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Make your profile public.

The first step to improving your LinkedIn visibility is to make sure at least most of your profile is publicly visible. Your profile picture should be professional, friendly, and visible at least to those in your network, if not everyone. Share some identifying information publicly, such as past experience and contact information, so people know you’re the real deal. LinkedIn is for networking, so put yourself out there!

Customize your profile URL.

A specific, customized URL for your LinkedIn profile may not necessarily affect SEO, but it can help people remember you and your URL, encouraging them return to your profile.

For example, my profile is, which is also my website address and business name. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably make it my real name, but it’s still customized and not something as obscure as

Use valuable keywords in your headline.

Your headline and summary are prime real estate on LinkedIn, and should be your top SEO priority on this platform. If you want to be discovered, include keywords that you want to be found for, and what others will be searching for.

Write your summary in a conversational, first-person style. Be concise, specific, and free from vague corporate-speak and jargon.

Add video.

Both on desktop and mobile, video is booming as an information medium. It only makes sense to include some on your LinkedIn profile. A short (30 seconds or so) video introducing yourself, what you do, and what you enjoy in your free time can be huge in helping your profile stand out.

Request AND offer recommendations and endorsements.

Endorsements may seem unimportant, since they only require a few clicks and you’re done. However, a higher number of endorsements may help you move up in LinkedIn’s search rankings for that particular skill or keyword.

Recommendations take a little more effort, since you’re essentially leaving a review of a person. If asking someone else for a recommendation, be courteous and patient. You might help them by pre-writing the recommendation and asking them to approve it. Even better, write them a recommendation first and trigger the law of reciprocity.

Include your education.

Fill out the Education section of your profile as thoroughly as possible. If you don’t have a college degree, include your high school and any certifications and courses you’ve completed. This can help people find you, and may help spark conversations and connections.

Share relevant, helpful content.

Unlike Twitter, LinkedIn doesn’t require you to post a steady stream of content to be effective. Post an occasional link to an article, whether written by you or not, that your network may find interesting or helpful. Share a video that you found informative or inspiring. If you see something you like in your feed, hit ‘Share’ and add your own take on it. You’ll show up in others’ feeds and expand your network with relatively little effort.

The keywords here are “relevant” and “helpful.” Don’t flood people’s LinkedIn feed with memes, sales pitches, or pleas for donations and other support. It’s an intrusive turn-off that will get you blocked or disconnected fast.

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Join groups and participate in discussions.

Browse your feed and your connections’ activity for content that you can like, share, and comment on. This can spark conversations and new connections. You never know whose attention you might grab.

There are also thousands of LinkedIn groups to join. Search for ones related to your location, industry or job description, and even ideal clients. Participate in discussions–but be warned that excessive self-promotion is usually frowned upon. Keep your focus on building relationships.

Link to your LinkedIn profile.

You can improve your profile’s visibility from outside LinkedIn, as well. If you write articles, add a link to your LinkedIn profile in your author bio. Include it in your email signature, other social media profiles, and even on your business card. If you have a personal website, include a link to your profile in your “About” page.

Like most other social media outlets, it can take some time to get the full benefits and the exact results you want from these steps. Fortunately, LinkedIn is less labor-intensive and time-consuming than other platforms. A little bit of nurturing, and your efforts will start to pay off!

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